Conversations you should have with your student

Conversations play a key role in student learning during placement. Conversations are where supervisors and students exchange observations, thoughts, opinions, and feelings about the placement experience. These exchanges help your student articulate, explore and make sense of the “real life/real time/real people/real complexity” social work context. If the conversations you have with your student are experienced as safe, open and respectful then they are more likely to continue to use conversations to unpack experiences, even the most dismal, as well as spotlight the most amazing personal and professional lessons.

Opportunities to role model what ‘good conversations’ should look like are available right at the beginning of placement with the following ‘must have conversations’ that help to minimise any conflicts as well as optimise the students learning experience.

In this section we cover:

Being up front about each other’s roles and responsibilities
How feedback will be given (by both the supervisor and student)
Navigating placement
Ending the placement – closure