Supervising students

Supervising students In this section, we provide you with resources, including the practice wisdom of your peers to assist you.

The section comprises of five sub-sections. In Field education supervision, strategies for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for both individual and group supervision are unpacked and explored; Case studies and lessons learned is a collection of insights from supervisors into what worked and didn’t work for them in specific practice situations; Conversations explores the role of dialogue in facilitating learning and challenge; Student feedback provides feedback from students about their experiences. Finally, Dealing with complexity explores ethical considerations in supervision, performance management and what happens when things don’t go right, or where you are facing the prospect of recommending failure, what do you do?

The information presented in this section is intended as a reference point and not as a text full of answers to every supervision dilemma or concern. As supervision mirrors the complexity and tensions held by social work and human service practice, there are no one size fits all answer. There is however practice wisdom, research and resources to help us along the way.

The site is intended to be dynamic and as such new resources insights and information will be added as they become available. So tell us if you have something that might be useful and we will add it to the site so that others may benefit.

In this section we cover:

Field education supervision
Case studies and lessons learned
Conversations you should have with your student
Student feedback
Dealing with complexity