Special thanks

The SWISS project team, Anna Spencer and Libby Magnus would like to thank everyone who participated in the project and shared such amazing insights, stories, suggestions and critique. Your contributions now form the foundation of the SWISS on-line resource that is dynamic and grounded in practice.

Special Thanks to:

  • The field educators who freely and openly shared their insights, stories, suggestions and critique on the SWISS content and design;
  • The students who enthusiastically shared their placement stories and insights;
  • The delightful, brave and insightful students and supervisors who agreed to be interviewed on camera;
  • QUT Social Work and Human Services teaching staff for your support and contributions; a special mention to Dr Phil Crane, Jennifer Felton, Jennifer Kaighin, Dr Judith Burton, Dr Julie King, Dr Jennifer May for appearing before the camera.
  • Dr Robert Lonne and Dr Fotina Hardy for supporting the project and nurturing it along the way;
  • Thank you to Boris, our amazing QUT web guy, for his patience and skill;
  • The QUT Field Education Unit: Fotina, Vanessa and Maike for your patience, resources, insights and support;
  • Our WILS team: Della, Emma and Ricky for your production experience
  • Peter Crane, Bon Productions. Julian Lynch

Thank you so much everyone. We look forward to capturing your future stories and insights and growing the site into the future.

Anna Spencer and Libby Magnus